About Us

TRI (Three Areas of Specialty) + IND (Industrial Focus) = TRINDGROUP



Public relations is more than crafting a press release. At TRINDGROUP, we harness traditional and digital PR methods to spread your messages across verbal and visual media channels. We work with you to craft strategic messaging specific to your business to enhance client communication and engage new opportunities.



Through our engineered approach, we ensure each part of your unique marketing strategy fits together to accomplish your company’s goals. With experience in all types of marketing, TRINDGROUP develops marketing materials from strategy to implementation to ensure they reach your target audience, no matter the medium.


Design &

Communicating your business through visual representation – that’s how the design portion of TRINDGROUP works. Across print, web, video and motion graphics, we specialize in transforming messages into visual concepts that enhance your brand and fit within your overall business strategy.

We are not chefs, but we’ve combined the perfect ingredients to profitably grow your business. How can our teamwork bring you success?


In our case, a visual communication professor, an engineer turned CEO and a public relations/marketing guru who have worked together for years and decided we are happier and can more easily challenge each other to better our crafts working collectively rather than apart.

TRINDGROUP was formed when Kevin Smith, Andy Smith and Jessie King joined forces to help businesses achieve their respective goals as industry partners, rather than consultants only. TRINDGROUP’s engineered approach is to unite B2B industrial and manufacturing markets with their target audiences and audience sub-segments. TRINDGROUP partners with your organization to enhance client communication and messaging channels through public relations, content and digital marketing and creative design and production.

What happens when a business has complex product and service offerings? TRINDGROUP utilizes the vast knowledge of our communication and visual strategists paired with our experienced engineers to create a message that not only reaches your audience, but speaks to their needs.

TRINDGROUP works with our clients and their teams to reach outside perceptions and achieve each business’s specific goals. We each have heard the comments, “what we do is complex,” “it’s difficult to explain, if you are not in the industry,” “I’m not sure we need to reach anyone else,” and most importantly, “they know what our product(s) do” or “they know they are required to use our type of product.”

Does your company want to grow or acquire new business and increase revenue? Does your company want to be acquired? Does your company want to expand into a new product line or sub-segment? Our client-focused team will review, research and develop strategies specific to your business to bypass industry perceptions and engage new opportunities.

  • Kelli Hartsock

    Project Manager

  • Charissa Jones

    Business Development

  • Jessie King

    Communication Director

  • Lillian Parker

    Account Manager

  • Katie Belz

    Project Manager

  • Andy Smith

    Business Development

  • Kevin Smith

    Creative Director

Account Management Position

TRINDGROUP is looking for candidates who are ready to put their public relations skills to the test. Become a part of our growing creative team by interacting with clients, collaborating with other team members and developing and refining your writing, marketing and public relations skills.

We are looking for public relations, marketing, journalism and communication majors. If interested, submit your cover letter, resume and writing samples to Jessie.king@trindgroup.com and kelli.hartsock@trindgroup.com.

Internship Program

TRINDGROUP offers a Public Relations/Marketing internship program unlike many others, offering real-world experience in an environment that lets interns learn, grow and even tackle projects on their own. We’re always on the lookout for talented students who desire to learn and grow their PR and marketing skills.

TRINDGROUP considers internship applications no matter your year in college, although most interns are rising seniors. Ideal majors include public relations, journalism, communications and marketing.

To apply for a TRINDGROUP internship, please submit a résumé and cover letter to kelli.hartsock@trindgroup.com. If contacted, you will be asked to perform a writing and editing test as part of the interview process.