At TRINDGROUP, we believe the best way to develop a solution is to approach a problem from all angles. That’s the method for success behind our integrated, full-service approach.

Measuring Success

What happens when a business has complex product and service offerings? TRINDGROUP utilizes the vast knowledge of our communication and visual strategists paired with our experienced engineers to create a message that not only reaches your audience, but speaks to their needs.

Every member of TRINDGROUP is a master of his or her particular craft, and we don’t assume one person can be responsible for everything. We bring together focused, experienced individuals who specialize and excel in their area to build our team of experts.

  • Communication Specialists
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Ideation Innovators
  • Media Consultants
  • Business Analysts

Client Focused

TRINDGROUP works with our clients and their teams to reach outside perceptions and achieve each business’s specific goals. We each have heard the comments, “what we do is complex,” “it’s difficult to explain, if you are not in the industry,” “I’m not sure we need to reach anyone else,” and most importantly, “they know what our product(s) do” or “they know they are required to use our type of product.”

Does your company want to grow or acquire new business and increase revenue? Does your company want to be acquired? Does your company want to expand into a new product line or sub-segment? Our client-focused team will review, research and develop strategies specific to your business to bypass industry perceptions and engage new opportunities.

About Our Specialties

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is visual storytelling with movement. As opposed to a static image, motion graphics use 2D and 3D illustrations and images to give momentum and life to your brand and are easy to share socially. Will your client better understand your product if they can look inside it or walk through the manufacturing process? Through motion graphics, TRINDGROUP can help your business explain complex product and service offerings or simply stand out against your competitors.

View our recent Motion Graphics 


Branded video is an engaging form of brand storytelling, and the team at TRINDGROUP can help you complete all of the stages to help you spread your message. Once we finalize a concept and create a storyboard, we conduct on-site filming followed by post-production edits and final delivery to give you an engaging video that resonates with your audience.

Web Design

TRINDGROUP specializes in attractive and highly functional website design. We design sites responsively so they look their best on phones, tablets and browser windows of all sizes. No matter your company’s goals, our design team can create an innovative, inviting website with your end-users and conversion goals in mind.


Print collateral is one of the most utilized tools for sharing information. No matter if it’s a brochure, poster or even product packaging, our team creates each piece with your company’s brand and goals in mind. Building your company from the ground up or interested in a brand makeover? TRINDGROUP can provide comprehensive brand development, including the design of logos, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, to give your corporate identity a recognizable style.

Messaging / Strategy Development

Messaging and strategy development begins with goal setting. With your business’s purposeful goals in mind, TRINDGROUP can help you develop step-by-step strategies and carefully crafted messaging to accomplish them. Our communication strategists paired with our experienced engineers offer us a unique perspective—one that allows us to help your company better engage new opportunities.

Analytics Data Analysis

Analytics affects all aspects of your business – from startup to sales. After over 90 hours’ worth of training, our team members have earned their Google Analytics certifications. We understand how to interpret the data from Google Analytics and the backend of your website. We ensure that your analytics is set up, tracking properly and can utilize all of the available capabilities to evaluate successes or failures allowing us to provide informed recommendations. We eliminate the guesswork out of determining effective website updates and marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

As an integrated agency, TRINDGROUP takes an integrated approach to everything we do, including marketing. With experience in all types of content marketing, such as white papers, website creation, video, blogs and all types of advertising, TRINDGROUP develops marketing materials from strategy to implementation to ensure they reach your target audience, no matter the medium. Our team will assist you in choosing the marketing practices that best fit your company’s needs, and will implement and evaluate those practices to see what works most effectively to accomplish your specific goals.

Digital Marketing

Your company’s online presence is more important than ever before, and digital marketing can boost your company’s bottom line like nothing else. At TRINDGROUP, we work to ensure all of the pieces of your digital marketing package, from keyword research and Search Engine Optimization to online content creation and analytics, work together to put your company’s best foot forward. By understanding how your target audience searches the web, we can effectively direct them to you and enhance client communication.

Product Launches

Launching a new product isn’t as simple as simply making an announcement. Rewarding product launches require strategic planning and execution not only to highlight how your company’s product better meets your audience’s needs, but more importantly, to craft this message in an understandable way. TRINDGROUP’s team of communication strategists will work with you to leverage PR to make your next product launch a success.

What is PR & How Can PR Help?

Public relations encompasses how your company communicates with its potential customers, shareholders, employees, the general public, the media and even the competition. Through an integrated, targeted strategy, PR allows you to connect directly and build a relationship with your target audience and audience sub-segments to help better accomplish your business’s goals.

PR is an incredibly efficient way of not only reaching your target audience but making sure they understand you. From the broadest brand development to specific project management, public relations informs your audience about your business and its offerings. TRINDGROUP can work with you to craft strategic messaging specific to your business to enhance client communication and engage new opportunities.

Traditional vs. Digital PR

Traditional public relations includes media tactics such as news release distribution, television and radio presence, collateral piece development and print publication coverage. Digital PR encompasses tactics such as social media strategy and integration, hashtag implementation, blogger engagement and management of your online presence.

Media Relations

Media relations plays a significant role in successfully disseminating your message to your target audience. Media outlets help tell your company’s story and serve as influential information hubs for the public. Whether trade and business publications, television news or blogs, TRINDGROUP can help your business engage and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with any type of media.

Media Training

Formal media training is crucial to capitalizing on media opportunities. We all know the importance of interviewing well, and when you’re speaking with media, you can never be too prepared. Our team will work with you to prioritize the most important message points and to anticipate difficult questions with unwavering confidence.

Corporate Communication

Sometimes your company needs to share information with not only your external publics but another very important group as well — your internal audience. TRINDGROUP can help you craft cohesive messages to both your external and internal audiences that communicate specific information while aligning with your company’s mission and values.

Blogger Relations

In today’s digital world, blogs continue to grow as a trusted source of information, and blogger relations are essential to your PR strategy. At TRINDGROUP, we understand the invaluable opportunity bloggers present your company. We can identify the bloggers who best fit your business’s needs and craft relevant content to gain your business coverage.