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ASHCOR Solutions is a customizable and interactive B2B e-commerce platform that streamlines the purchasing process of industrial and manufacturing products including burner management systems, flares, replacement parts, flame arresters and more. As a branch of the ASHCOR brand, ASHCOR Solutions aims to bring the oil and gas market a simple online purchasing platform, the likes of which are unheard of in the industry.
B2B E-Commerce Website
Branding & Digital Design
Product Visualization - 3D Product Rendering
Product Visualization Detail
Product Visualization Detail
Product Visualization - 3D Rendering
Product Visualization - 3D Rendering
The goal of ASHCOR Solutions is to offer customers an easy and effective platform to purchase and re-order parts specific to their individual sites. Cue TRINDGROUP’s involvement. From the start, TRINDGROUP’s website development team was tasked with not just designing and building a website, but also creating solutions for each step within the logistics of the online purchasing and shipping processes. Plus, the TRINDGROUP design team played a major role in creating 3D product images when photography wouldn’t do the trick. To add to the challenge, the website was to be developed over the course of multiple stages, with each stage adding a new level of customer interaction and experience.
Planning & Development

The build began with an intensive planning process including detailed information about what it takes to launch an e-commerce site. TRINDGROUP went to work on developing a comprehensive site map, writing copy, narrowing down the products and their specifications to be listed on the site, creating 3D renderings of products and more. Additionally, another level of development was necessary as TRINDGROUP worked with ASHCOR Solutions to make sure the online purchasing process was seamless both for the customer and the team who would be processing all orders. Logistics of payment types, account information, tax information and shipping processes were fleshed out between the TRINDGROUP and ASHCOR Solutions teams, and the TRINDGROUP development team put everything together and launched the high-performing e-commerce platform ASHCOR Solutions desired.


Implementation Strategy

The technical and highly specialized nature of the products being sold on the ASHCOR Solutions website along with the varying factors in the oil and gas market that influence purchasing decisions made the site build challenging, but also made it possible to showcase truly innovative purchase strategies in an industry where online purchasing is in its infancy. The TRINDGROUP team used its prior knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry to create a website that would resonate specifically with ASHCOR Solutions’ target audiences as an efficient and high-tech way to make their lives easier, whether they were out in the field or behind an office desk.


Continuing Marketing Efforts

The launch of the ASHCOR Solutions e-commerce platform was just the beginning; TRINDGROUP is continuing to work on the next phases of the project to incorporate wholesale options, intuitive online product and site builds and other features tailored to purchasing influencers in the oil and gas industry. Customers can create customized accounts with stored site, contact and purchasing information, making the buying process simple and easy to re-create, purchase after purchase.

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