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Explaining complicated processes and products can be challenging for salespeople, no matter how knowledgeable they are about them. Chart Industries came to us looking for a way to bridge the gap between their services and customers – they needed a new option for explaining a process simply and effectively. Motion graphics was the answer.
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Process & Animation Storyboard Sample
Motion graphics are pieces of digital footage or animation that create the illusion of motion. The motion graphic development process is collaborative – we keep clients informed throughout each step of the process and work with them to make sure each' scene and detail is accurate and to their specifications.

The motion graphics development process began with an intensive information-gathering session in which Chart provided as many details and explanation about their Liquid Oxygen Systems as possible. From there, our motion graphics team developed a storyboard of still images to highlight the process that would be presented in the motion graphics step by step. After reviewing the storyboard with the Chart team to make slight adjustments and round out the process, our team got to work on building full scenes complete with plenty of detail.


As is the case with many technical products and systems, it’s one thing to explain how it works verbally but another to display the inner functionality. How do we show pressure building? What’s the best way to indicate the actual flow of gas and liquid? What does the site of the system really look like? Our team used site images and detailed descriptions to make the motion graphics as realistic as possible.


With the client involved every step of the way, our team could ask any needed questions about the liquid oxygen system process throughout the motion graphics build. Constant communication and timely reviews made the process run smoothly and allowed Chart the opportunity to make sure all renderings were accurate representations of their actual system. Upon final approval of the renderings, our motion graphics team finalized the project with the addition of music, text overlay and professional intro and outro. These details wrapped up the project so we could hand the final product over to the client.

Final Outcome

Chart’s goal was to use the motion graphic in various presentations, including for sales-specific meetings, at trade shows and more. Upon their first use of the motion graphic at a trade show they received an overwhelmingly positive response at its detail and simple, yet accurate, portrayal of the complex liquid oxygen system.

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