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Safety is the name of the game when it comes to manufacturing in the oil and gas industry. The tools and systems at work in these sectors are designed with two main purposes: to function efficiently and to protect personnel. Burner management systems are one of these tools critical to achieving a safe and productive work environment.
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Our client developed a cost-effective, high-performance, technologically advanced and easy-to-use alternative to traditional burner management systems (BMS). TRINDGROUP was brought onto the team to develop a brand strategy from the ground up to introduce the state-of-the-art BMS Flame Smart to the market. Our team dove right in, working with the client to better understand their business goals and the attributes that make their product unique.

What resulted was the development of a distinct brand identity, complete with a wide portfolio of branding elements designed specifically to differentiate the client’s system from its competition. Our design team began by creating a logo to establish a visual representation of the Flame Smart brand. Building on the logo's design elements, our team of web developers and marketing strategists then designed and built a website to communicate the products' attributes and benefits in a visually appealing and informative way. Our team also developed an intuitive catalog of BMS packages unlike any competitors' to assist Flame Smart's potential customers in their selection process.

Once the design elements were in place, our team then employed traditional public relations tactics, developed a social media strategy and curated both print and digital collateral to educate and engage with industry players in the spaces where they do business. TRINDGROUP’s branding efforts established the Flame Smart brand as reputable and reliable, helping our client grow their business from inception to industry expert.

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