Tiki Brand

When we were approached by Lamplight, the company that owns TIKI Torch, to do an evaluation of their website before a new build, we were really excited. After all, we’re all summer fans around here, and TIKI is synonymous with outdoor parties, barbecues and enjoying warm summer nights.
Before a new website was built, TIKI wanted information about their current website. LOTS of information. But in essence, that information could be boiled down to three questions:
  • Who are the consumers?
  • Where have they been?
  • Where will they go?

“From the moment we first started discussing working together, it was quite apparent that the team truly sought to understand the business challenge and provide solutions that not only addressed key issues but that provided added value throughout the process. They come to the table with a variety of talents that allows them to bring a deeper understanding across multiple facets. They are an amazing group of people to work with- tireless, talented, forward thinking, and fueled by a passion to provide exceptional results.”

Jennifer Grosshandler
Lamplight / Tiki Brand

This project was a multi-part endeavor that led us in fascinating directions.
Google Analytics

We began with an in-depth look at their Google Analytics (luckily, three of our team members are Google Analytics Certified). We looked at the paths consumers took through the website – and how and when those paths led to purchases. We looked at where these consumers lived and cross-referenced that information with geographic information that might shorten or lengthen the peak season for use of TIKI products. We looked at what effect PR efforts such as media tours had on web traffic and how that changed from year to year. The list goes on and on. Additionally, we looked at the TIKI website’s search engine optimization as well as industry benchmarks to gauge where they were versus where they needed to be. Finally, our design team held a visual audit of the site to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the site’s appearance.

Usability Study

Next, we held a usability study, which gave us unique, unparalleled insight into how real consumers navigated the website. We worked to gather participants and, with our partner, developed specific tasks for each person to perform on the site. We recorded their movements, along with their narration of what they were doing, which showed us where the site needed improvements.


Next came the focus group. Upon completion of the usability study, we gathered all the participants for a round-table discussion of the website to gain honest feedback. The result was interesting points of view about where the website excelled and – perhaps more importantly – where it failed.


We then compiled all the information gleaned over the 12-week process and met with the client to review our findings. The response we received was incredible – TIKI representatives were shocked at the amount of information we were able to gather. They have since built their new website, taking many of our recommendations into account. At TRINDGROUP, we love the challenge of delving into our clients’ websites and data and teaching them things about their customers that even they didn’t know!

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