Travel With Care PR Campaign

The City of Auburn and Auburn University have partnered for years in their annual transportation safety campaign, Travel With Care. In 2016, the committee partnered with TRINDGROUP to refresh and refocus campaign efforts. 
Travel With Care seeks to educate citizens and students on traffic laws and to encourage safe and courteous interactions among all road users, including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and transit riders. TRINDGROUP’s challenge was to reintroduce the long-standing campaign in a novel, recognizable and far-reaching way.
Redesigned Campaign Website
Bowtie Street Signs
Branded Campaign Photobooth
Coordinated Media Interviews

Failure to Yield

Together with the Travel With Care committee, TRINDGROUP selected “failure to yield” as the focus of the 2016 campaign, as City of Auburn Public Safety identified failure to yield as a significant cause of accidents in all modes of transportation. However, our team readily recognized the gray areas surrounding yielding in general.

Who yields to whom? What color is a yield sign? What does “yield” even mean? TRINDGROUP sought to increase the community’s understanding of yielding and right-of-way laws by highlighting common failure-to-yield scenarios and explaining the safe and lawful way to navigate each situation.

The New and Improved

Our first step in reintroducing Travel With Care was the launch of an all-new website, complete with statistics, safety tips, traffic scenarios and resources along with a wealth of information about common yielding scenarios. Through the colorful and interactive new website, TRINDGROUP developed an evergreen and easily accessible resource more befitting of Travel With Care’s overall mission.

Everything’s Sweeter in the South

It’s probably safe to say transportation safety isn’t a favorite topic of discussion. TRINDGROUP knew we needed to link the overall campaign with a relatable, understandable theme to reinforce our messaging and appeal to a wide audience. Keeping in mind our goals and target publics, we selected “Southern Hospitality” as this underlying inspiration. “Southern Hospitality” reinforces the ideas of courtesy and respect on the road while appealing to the sense of pride Auburn residents feel toward their town’s charming and friendly reputation.

Know When To Go

Alongside the launch of the new and improved Travel With Care website, TRINDGROUP introduced the 2016 campaign slogan and emblem, inspired by “Southern Hospitality.” The slogan “Know When To Go” emphasized the importance of being familiar with right-of-way laws and taking responsibility for one’s own safety. The blue bowtie emblem, comprised of bicycle handlebars, a steering wheel and the stripes of a crosswalk, served as a visual reminder to act courteously and responsibly no matter the mode of transportation.

Kick-started by a Bowtie

The blue bowtie served as more than just a visual reminder throughout the campaign, however. Prior to the official campaign implementation week, our team utilized the bowtie to pique curiosity and encourage investigation among Auburn residents. The Travel With Care committee, with permission from the City of Auburn, attached signs with the bowtie and #KnowWhenToGo to street signs throughout town. Within days, social media was abuzz with questions, the committee director’s phone was ringing off the hook and media couldn’t wait to get the scoop.

An Integrated Approach to Success

In addition to adorning City streets with Know When To Go bowties, the TRINDGROUP team executed an integrated campaign strategy. We implemented summer and fall campaign periods to target citizens and Auburn University students, respectively. We utilized traditional, digital and social media, signage and print materials, a pre- and post-campaign survey and face-to-face interactions to encourage social engagement and dyadic, real-time communication. Our efforts involved local law enforcement among other City and University representatives as both educators and advocates to bring the topic of “failure to yield” into everyday conversation.

With feedback from the Know When To Go campaign, Travel With Care has laid groundwork for future campaigns and identified effective and creative avenues to engage with the community. All in all, TRINDGROUP successfully helped Travel With Care establish a refreshed identity and reinvigorate its mission to address safety concerns in the City of Auburn.


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