Meet Our Team

Peyton and Camille, TRINDGROUP Spring 2019 Interns
Meet the TRINDGROUP Team: Peyton and Camille
This spring, we’re excited to add a new intern to the team as well as have a returning intern from the previous semester. At TRINDGROUP, our internship program focuses on offering as much hands-on experience as possible before entering the...
Meet the TRINDGROUP Team: Camille, Curran and Sabrina
TRINDGROUP is a mix of marketing, public relations and design experts, and our interns have the opportunity to learn from and work with the entire team throughout their internship experience. We pride ourselves in offering a strong and integrative internship...
Congrats to TRINDGROUP Interns, Class of 2018!
TRINDGROUP's graduating interns, Zoe Hughes, left, and Emily Talka. To celebrate our rock-star PR and marketing intern duo on their recent graduation, here’s a look at Emily Talka and Zoe Hughes’s internship experience at TRINDGROUP. Emily began her internship with...
New Year. New Location. New Opportunities.
2017 was an exciting time for TRINDGROUP. We set aggressive goals for our business and for our clients and worked throughout 2017 to exceed them. We grew our team of communication and design specialists, allowing us to tackle ever-more challenging...
Meet the TRINDGROUP Team: Lillian and Cassie
Account specialists Lillian and Cassie are two of TRINDGROUP’s public relations and marketing experts. They work together to help their B2B and B2B2C industrial and manufacturing clients meet their goals.   Lillian and Cassie are a crucial part of our team. Learn more about...