Video Production

Telling a story through video is an engaging way to capture your audience’s attention.
The TRINDGROUP team can work with you to develop a branded video to explain your company, a specific product or unique process in a visually appealing format.

Video Strategy

The first step in developing a video includes collecting ideas and concepts from you, the client. We work to determine the exact story you want to tell and details you want to show. From there, we finalize the video concept.

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Once the video concept is finalized, the TRINDGROUP team creates a storyboard that maps out each scene of the video and the details that should be captured. Once the storyboard is approved, filming can begin.

On-Site Filming

The TRINDGROUP team will come to your facility or site to film on-location. We put together a comprehensive shot list to make sure every detail and scene for the video is captured and matches up with the storyboard. We use high-quality video equipment (including a drone when necessary!) to capture the perfect shots.


Once the video is shot, the TRINDGROUP team dives into post-production editing. This can include adding music or a voiceover to the video as well as any particular branding elements specific to your company.


After review and approval, we deliver the final video in a format best suited for sharing with your audiences.

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