TRINDGROUP Awarded PRCA Awards for Successful Client Campaigns

TRINDGROUP Awarded PRCA Awards for Successful Client Campaigns

As a public relations agency, TRINDGROUP recognizes the value that comes from being a member of nationally accredited organizations in the public relations field. The Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) is a professional organization comprised of public relations practitioners who network with each other to advance public relations and communications within all types of businesses and organizations. PRCA was founded between 1953-1956. Currently, the organization has approximately 700 members across six Alabama chapters.

PRCA Medallion Awards

PRCA hosts its annual Medallion Awards to allow members the chance to have their work recognized as well as receive feedback from fellow members to encourage improvement and learning. Work may include programs, plans, projects and campaigns.

At the 2023 Medallion Awards, TRINDGROUP received two awards. An Award of Excellence for their client, Silver Ships “Tobin” campaign and an Award of Merit for their client Operators Unlimited “Birthday Backpack” campaign.

Silver Ships “Tobin” Campaign

Silver Ships, Inc. produces high-quality aluminum workboats for military, federal, state and municipal government and commercial applications. In August 2022, Silver Ships custom-built its largest surveying vessel, Tobin for a specialized mission on the Mississippi River. At the time of Tobin’s delivery, the Mississippi River was experiencing historically low depth levels, causing navigation challenges and transportation delays on the river.

Recognizing the distinctiveness of the vessel’s mission and the timeliness of its delivery due to river conditions, TRINDGROUP seized the opportunity to capture the significant attention of media channels and publications in the marine boating industry. In addition to seizing industry publicity opportunities, TRINDGROUP implemented a strategy to increase media exposure of Tobin through curating branded messaging and materials in the form of press releases, blogs, image and video assets and social media content as well as pre-public relations (PR) efforts to secure notable award titles in the marine industry.

“Developing a PR strategy requires industry knowledge and understanding the technical aspects of your client’s brand that sets them apart from competitors. Leveraging the timeliness of Tobin’s delivery while utilizing our relationships with industry media outlets, the 8-month campaign was extremely successful and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome,” says Audrey Roberts, Public Relations Manager at TRINDGROUP.

Silver Ships was awarded both WorkBoat’s 10 Significant Boats of 2022 and Marine News Top Vessels of 2022. Achieving these competitive marine industry awards while reaching more than 82 million people has strengthened Silver Ships’ overall brand in addition to generating customer leads.

Operators Unlimited, Inc. “Birthday Backpack” Campaign

Operators Unlimited (OU) provides wastewater treatment services to manufacturing facilities. In 2022, OU wanted to prioritize a local community service project to live out their core values. The OU team came to TRINDGROUP with a new project aiming to provide local foster children and foster parents memorable, stress-free, expense paid experiences for their birthdays. In partnership with Greenville County Foster Parent Association (GCFPA), OU and TRINDGROUP developed a program that would allow OU to sponsor three foster families each month for a family-wide day trip.

Thus the “Birthday Backpack” campaign was formed. With the help of TRINDGROUP’s expertise, campaign initiative, newsletters, logo and title, website and marketing materials were developed putting OU in a position to bring awareness of Birthday Backpack applications to help families in need. The goal of this ongoing community service campaign was to bring foster families to the application form on the OU Birthday Backpack experience website, where potential participants could see all the options for the experience. As a result, each family that applied to the campaign is considered a success. Since its launch in February 2022, 24 children have had full birthday backpack experiences.

“Referencing the OU brand standards and pre-established type and color resulted in a new, playful logo and an approachable yet accessible website,” says Hannah Jones, Graphic Designer at TRINDGROUP.

At the request of our client, the Birthday Backpack website is intentionally not indexed and viewable from searches. So, below we’ve given you a peek at the work done for this project.

Earning two awards from PRCA is significant because we enjoy showcasing our client projects and we are proud of the work that we get to do for them. To see previous awards TRINDGROUP has won, please visit our website.


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