3D Visualization and Motion Graphics

Bring Your Product to Life
with Visual Storytelling

3D Visualization is a game-changer regarding product presentation and advertising assets. Engineering teams design innovative products, but often lack software and the designer prowess to take 3D models to the next level. From texturing to lighting and animation, utilizing 3D visualization and motion graphics to simulate a product’s features, abilities and overall solutions can save time, resources and expedite the go to market process.

How do you make something look photo realistic? Our design team has full control of color, texture and lighting. Products do not have to physically exist, but rather taking 3D, R&D designs and transforming them into photo realistic three-dimensional products options for your sales team, internal reviews and clients.

What are Motion Graphics?

Taking the now photo realistic product and animating it, often described as the demonstration or explanation of the product through video. Motion graphics can be graphic overlays of actual footage or they can be a digitally created video. Imagine a product, but you can’t see inside it. Motion graphics give you the ability to go inside the product or bring the inside out to demonstrate functionally to your audience. Motion graphics are a visual way to tell where and how your product can be used, as well as the solutions it offers.

How does the process work?
  • Step 1Engineering team provides a CAD file of the product design to the TG motion graphics design team.
  • Step 2Designer reviews files and establishes project goals with client and Engineering team walks motion team through product functionality and highlights important features.
  • Step 3Motion team applies photo realistic textures to the model and applies digital lighting.
  • Step 4Motion team storyboards process to ensure animation is accurate and receive feedback on photo realism of product.
  • Step 5Motion team develops animatic (low resolution version of final animation)
  • Step 6Motion team renders final motion graphic including voice-overs and other photography has needed.

*Additions – Motion team develops single frame short clips, high resolution images, etc. for use in social media, trade show materials and other assets

Visual Storytelling Enhances
Customer Understanding

  • 3D visualizations apply realistic textures to CAD renderings
  • 3D visualizations bring R&D product ideas to market without investing in inventory
  • Use 3D visualizations to create product images, presentations and one-sheeters
  • Motion graphics digitally demonstrate functionality and explain product application uses
Motion Graphics – Metraflex video

Digitally created video featuring client supplied voice over.

3D Visualization – ClearSign

CAD file before 3D Visualization / CAD file after 3D Visualization

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