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Strategic Marketing Plans Drive Success

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We get it – you’re excited to get started with marketing tactics galore to promote your business. With so many options to choose from, where to begin?! Well. Let’s take a few steps back to the REAL beginning: development of strategic marketing plans.


Start with Goal Setting

Strategic marketing plans should align with your business goals, and if set up properly, will serve as a roadmap to telling your brand’s story. Would you hire a new employee before creating that employee’s job description? Probably not. The same applies for marketing and public relations – for tactics to be truly effective, there should be a guideline in place to keep your messages on track and reach your target audience.

Not to mention, you’re going to want to know how your tactics are performing. There’s no shortage of data, analytics and numbers to cull through once a marketing campaign launches, but what are you comparing them to? A strategy will outline marketing goals and KPIs that also align with your overall business goals and KPIs. This way, when you’re sorting through your campaign numbers, you can measure their performance against the strategy benchmarks and adjust execution as needed.


Take It Slow

When it comes to your business, you’re all gas, full speed ahead – and we’re here to help you navigate and fill the tank. But, keep in mind that it can be worth it to pump the brakes on the quick-fix ads, social media content and email marketing in favor of first setting a strategic foundation for your marketing and public relations efforts. We promise it’s worth it to slow down a bit, take the scenic route and make a few pit stops along the way. In the end, you just might reach your destination even faster because of it.


TRINDGROUP’s Steps to Successful Strategic Marketing Plans

Our team can work with you to develop a strategic marketing and public relations plan while simultaneously getting the ball rolling on your tactical projects or campaign. We like to work smarter, not harder!

  • We’ll walk through your business goals, marketing priorities and previous marketing efforts to get a feel for what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Now let’s get to know your audience. Who are you trying to reach, what are their characteristics and are you in tune with their buying patterns?
  • Time to think about measurable marketing goals. Are you looking for website traffic, social media engagement or phone calls?
  • Finally, what you’ve been waiting for – tactics. There are many to choose from, but which ones will align with your priorities, audience needs and marketing goals?
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