Trade Show Marketing & Events

Nobody wants to show up to the party alone – great trade show marketing materials can be your wingman.
Stand Out in the Crowd with Trade Show Marketing

Create a Memorable Brand

Trade show marketing and other event attendance are great opportunities to showcase all your brand has to offer to specific audiences. TRINDGROUP frequents the trade show circuit both on our own behalf and with our clients, and we know what it takes to make a splash in a crowded conference hall.


Trade Show Marketing

Many of our B2B clients rely on trade show marketing as a major part of their sales and marketing toolbox. Trade shows offer unique opportunities to connect with new leads, existing customers, partner vendors and industry officials – and you can look good while doing it.

Our team understands the unique value trade shows provide for credibility and exposure, and can help you make the most out of your experience. We’ll make your brand look its very best through booth and material design, and can even handle the logistics of getting said materials to the show for you. Looking to go beyond showing up and networking? We can explore and recommend trade show marketing, sponsorship and speaking opportunities for your team to take your show to the next level.

Sometimes…if we really like our client…we’ll even go to the show with you. Just kidding, we’re always up for supporting ANY client at a trade show! Our team has experience with show sales efforts, networking on client behalf, executing on-site social media campaigns and more.



Company milestones should be celebrated. If your business wants to recognize one year, 10, 35, 70 in operation, we’ve got you covered beyond the standard birthday party. We’ll help you shout your accomplishments and good news from the rooftops through strategic public relations, creative marketing campaigns, anniversary-specific branded materials and really anything else you can think of. We love celebrating right alongside our clients!


Other Events

Whether you’re hosting an open house, coordinating a series of lunch-and-learns or offering training sessions to your customers, TRINDGROUP can help you plan, prepare and execute a variety of events. Need a presentation template design? You got it. Branded handouts and t-shirts? No sweat. A unique event logo that looks great on a flyer AND a cake? Sure thing! Event planning can be stressful, but we’ve got your back.

Trade Show Marketing Made Easier

A lot goes into a successful trade show experience, and we know you want to get the most for your money when you attend or exhibit at an industry trade show. TRINDGROUP can develop the proper tools to grab your customers’ attention:

  • New to the trade show circuit? We’ll research and recommend shows that fit your products, services and audience
  • Our design team can refresh your booth and branded sales materials (or start from scratch) to help you put your best foot forward
  • We’ll deal with the reps – from advertising to speaker opportunities to physically shipping your booth
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