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You’re considering working with a marketing agency. Congrats!

Enhance Your Brand and Build Your Sales Pipeline

Whether you’re working on a specific project or engaging an agency in a retainer contract, we know it can be challenging and intimidating to hand over aspects of your business to an “outsider.” We get it! Nobody knows your business like you do.

But, we’re here to tell you that working with an agency doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be pretty fun and can lighten your workload.


Specifically, when you work with TRINDGROUP, you can expect:


We know your industry and not only do we create conversations about your products or services, but we listen to what others in the industry are saying. We, like you, are and continually strive to be industry experts and we work daily to make that happen.


An in-depth kickoff meeting where you give us the DL on your company, goals, products/services and other pertinent information, and we introduce you to your account service team.


A monthly workflow with priorities and tactics that fall in line with your marketing strategy and goals.


Creative and proactive ideas to consistently move your brand forward within your industry.


Professional and friendly account team members who are always available via email, phone, video call or text.


Flexibility when it comes to hour allotment, because we know each industry has unique seasonal focuses and priorities.


High quality work that has been checked, double checked and triple checked before it is presented to you and your audiences. Plus, we’ll measure how it performs so we know what works for your brand.


Receiving the most bang for your buck – when you work with us, you don’t just work in a silo with one account representative. You have access to everyone (and everything) on our team, including graphic designers, public relations specialists, content developers, web developers, marketing software, media databases and more.

Partner with B2B Industry Experts

Whether you’re a startup company or have been in business for decades, we handle each of our clients with care and strive to produce the highest quality work with equally high ROI.

What are you waiting for? Get back to doing what you do best, and leave the marketing to us – we’re excited to work with you.

If you think TRINDGROUP would be a good fit to work with your team, we’d love to talk.

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