Campaign Management

A new product, service or idea deserves well-rounded campaign management.
Campaign with Confidence
Your Product/Service is the Best –
Now Tell Them Why

You’ve developed something revolutionary, whether it’s for the entire world or a specific industry niche. What’s next? Letting people know about it!

Marketing and public relations campaigns are often intertwined, and should complement your overall marketing strategy. Plus, campaigns should also have their own individual strategies. If you launch a service that is perfect for both environmental engineers AND manufacturers, it’s likely that you will need to target each group individually to relay the service qualities most relevant to each. This is where TRINDGROUP shines.

Campaign management involves strategy development, choosing channels and tactics most relevant to target audiences, execution of tactics, monitoring and analyzing results as the campaign moves forward and adjusting the campaign as needed. You can feel confident leaving your campaign in TRINDGROUP’s hands, because we have a team of experts in each of these areas with a collective goal of relaying your message clearly and effectively to those who matter most.

TRINDGROUP’s Campaign Cycle

Campaign management begins at a high level and gradually narrows down to the smallest of details. TRINDGROUP’s standard campaign steps include: 

  • Campaign strategy development that ties into your overall marketing strategy
  • Execute tactics that have the best chance of reaching your target audience
  • Analyze campaign data and report ongoing results
  • Adjust strategy and tactics as needed to maximize campaign effectiveness