Public Relations

Pitch to Play vs. Play to Play

Using storytelling to effectively communicate and manage your company messages on your terms.

What is the difference between public relations and marketing?

What is the difference between public relations and marketing? We make the explanation simple, in public relations you pitch to play and in marketing you pay to play. Both are driven by strategy and both have a place in how you tell your brand’s story.  

Pitching and Public Relations

Let’s talk about pitching and how communicating your brand’s story is an important element to your business’s success.

Public relations is not just about drafting and sending out a press release; it’s about crafting messages that tell your story and the story of your products, employees, services and solutions. We develop messages that impact your target audience(s) and work to generate leads. We may decide a press release is the best way to disseminate your message or it may be we reach out directly to our network of media contacts and pitch your story. Either way, your story will be sent to media outlets and influencers who seek out relevant content that resonates.

Public Relations Strategy

Digital storytelling is a necessary element of all public relations strategies. Media platforms matched with target audiences are an essential way establish connections with leads.

Developing a public relations strategy requires industry knowledge and understanding the technical aspects of your brand that set you apart from your competitors. TRINDGROUP leverages our relationships with industry publications, influencers and knowledge of tactical channels to ensure your messages reach the right audience.

Earned media = credibility, thoughtful storytelling and strategic placement in industry publications, newsletters, webinars and other relevant content sources.


Common Results of Public Relations
Strategy and Tactics

  • Speaking engagements 
  • Webinars
  • Printed Publications
  • Industry Newsletters
  • Events 
  • Social Media

Finally, TRINDGROUP’s public relations practitioners offer counsel to our clients. There are many scenarios when gut reactions do not serve the best interests of your company. Having an experienced, outside, yet knowledgeable sounding board provides the opportunity to control, respond and craft your own narrative. 

Why Pitch to Play?

  • Intentionally controlled communication with your audience
  • Manage the message between your company, the public and your audience
  • Media relations at zero cost to you
  • Create and manage your reputation on your terms
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