Media Monitoring

Know the Impact of Your Message

Positive and negative things happen to companies, industries and people daily. Knowing who shared a story about your company and when not only provides peace of mind but also measurable results. Media monitoring provides answers to many questions:

  • Was my story picked up?
  • Did the story extend beyond online industry news coverage?
  • Was the story shared on other channels?
  • Did the message resonate with my audience?
  • When was my company mentioned? This includes instances when your company did not disseminate the original message.

What is media monitoring?

First, let’s look at what we monitor. TRINDGROUP tracks all mentions of your company, products, services, employees. We do this by channel; print, online, social media and broadcast. If it’s being talked about, we will know.

Additionally, monitoring the activity of your competitors is an important step in understanding how impactful a message will be in your industry and keeping tabs on what’s happening in the industry.

What do you gain by participating in media monitoring?

  • Help prevent a crisis or reduce response time by knowing an issue has arisen.
  • Anticipate and recognize industry trends and use them to your advantage.
  • Adjust your messages in real-time.
  • Gain mark share by tracking competitors, keywords and key topics in your industry.
  • Become familiar with the influencers who are making both impact and waves in your industry and on your brand.
  • Test and improve messaging strategies before you release large marketing spends.
  • Gain further insight into current and new audiences, and enable the ability to develop niche market segments.


Media Monitoring Goals are Unique for Each Company

Some want to make sure their organizations are not mentioned by media outlets, others are in the midst of a crisis and need to know what is being said about their organization and seek counsel on how to respond. Others use media monitoring as a tool to develop messages based upon industry pain points and current events, and deliver timely solutions and commentary to their audiences.

No matter what motivates your media monitoring needs, TRINDGROUP can develop a strategy to keep you in the know.


What Media Monitoring Offers

  • Ability to keep track of your brand through various media channels
  • Develop relationships with media outlets
  • Track your industry keywords and jargon
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