Branding for B2B Companies

Properly Brand Your Company

Cohesive Branding Builds Recognition

Want your company to be remembered? It begins with proper brand development.

Your brand is the essence of your company. A solid brand will earn the trust of its customers, gain credibility in its industry and become recognizable over time.


What Does Branding Mean?

When you think of “branding,” what comes to mind? Maybe a logo, a color scheme, some business cards? Yep – you’re on the right track! But true branding goes even further to show who you are to the world.

Branding absolutely includes your logo, colors, website, trade show materials and clever tagline. But it’s also:

  • Your company’s tone of voice, both to the public and internally
  • Your mission statement
  • The elevator speech you use at networking events
  • How you publicly respond to both accomplishments and setbacks.
  • What people will remember you by

That being said, all of these pieces of a brand must work together cohesively to relay a clear message to your audience. This means your printed materials should complement each other, and should be similar to your website. It means a potential customer you meet at a trade show should hear the same message in the same tone as they will see when they visit your LinkedIn page and website in their hotel room later that night. It means when someone sees your company in the news, they automatically recognize it and think “Huh, I remember those guys – they do some great stuff!”

Whether your brand is in its infancy stages and is looking for a full identity, is in existence but could use a timely refresh, or needs to get its messaging priorities straight, TRINDGROUP can help.

Branding by TRINDGROUP

Our team can work with you to enhance your brand and make it memorable for all the right reasons.  

  • • Sometimes looks ARE everything. At least when it comes to branding. We design beautiful logos, websites, print and digital sales material, trade show booths and everything in between to make your brand unique and cohesive.
  • • Does your brand make a bang right off the bat? Our team can help you develop the perfect tagline, mission statement, core values and elevator speech to make a great first impression with your audience.
  • • Beyond first impressions, our expert communicators can dive deep into development of key messages and talking points for internal and external stakeholders.
  • • We’ll help you stay consistent with your branding through creation of a brand standards guide – your colors, fonts, logo usage and more wrapped up in a comprehensive document for your team to use and reference.
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