Public Relations Council of Alabama
Awards 2018

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Connecting industrial B2B companies with
target audiences through traditional and
digital communication tactics.

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Combining brand and content marketing strategies
to unite B2B industrial markets with target audiences
and audience subsegments.

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Utilizing innovative vision and
production to craft a visual brand
strategy that achieves results.

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Public Relations  /  Marketing  /  Creative Design

Public Relations • Marketing • Creative Design

Discovery & Strategy

Why partner with TRINDGROUP? Our unique team of verbal and visual communication strategists and experienced engineers understands how to reach your target audience and speak directly to their needs.

Vision & Approach

TRINDGROUP’s engineered approach is to unite B2B industrial and manufacturing markets with target audiences and audience subsegments. TRINDGROUP partners with your organization to enhance client communication through our integrated, industry-specific approach.

Results & Analytics

At TRINDGROUP, research and evaluation share equal limelight with the implementation of your strategic PR, marketing and design plan. We investigate your business and industry and analyze successes and failures to make informed, results-driven recommendations.

Creatively Driven / Engineered Approach

TRINDGROUP utilizes our team’s vast knowledge of communication and visual strategy to unite business-to-business industrial and manufacturing markets with target audiences through public relations, marketing and creative design. Our industrial focus includes industries such as:



          Oil and Gas





Our Specialties

Industry-Specific Marketing, Public Relations and Design

Public relations is a strategic and remedial process that aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its audiences. TRINDGROUP can help coordinate these messages to improve branding and credibility.

Your brand is a promise to your customer – it tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates you from competitors.

Messaging and strategy development begins with goal setting. TRINDGROUP can help you develop step-by-step strategies and carefully crafted messaging to accomplish your business's purposeful goals.

While digital design is an important piece in the overall marketing puzzle, print collateral can still bring a major “wow” factor to your brand identity.

Rewarding product launches require strategic planning and execution not only to highlight how your company’s product better meets your audience’s needs, but more importantly, to craft this message in an understandable way.

Different campaigns call for unique strategies to reach their maximum potential. Setting campaign-specific goals and employing measurable tactics are key to campaign development and overall success.

Case Studies

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