Social Media for B2B Companies

As a B2B operation, using social media can seem both daunting and un-rewarding.

  • What should we post about?
  • When should we share our posts?
  • Should we communicate directly with end consumers?
  • Or should we develop content geared toward potential customers?

All of these questions can lead to either lackluster social media content or total abandonment of the medium as a whole. However, when done well, social media can be one of the most effective ways to build and grow a B2B brand.


Be proactive in your interaction with customers and consumers. Engaging with other users shows a personal side to your company. Sometimes, this direct engagement can lead to productive exchanges that build your brand and, if nothing else, will strengthen brand awareness.

But don’t save engagement only for consumers. Interacting with other industry players is important and beneficial as well. Contributing to established conversation is a terrific way to demonstrate your company’s expertise without a weak network or small following getting in the way. As always, punctuality is important, so try to respond to users within a reasonable amount of time.

Follow Others

Don’t be afraid to follow other accounts. Many times, the account will follow back. This exchange is a quick way to spread the word about your company without creating any specific content. Following similar businesses, consumers, industry experts and even competitors is a good place to start. Additionally, following your competitors will allow you to keep up with what they are doing to stay relevant in the industry, and you will be able to view them through the eyes of a consumer.

Quality Content

Many successful B2B social media accounts feature high-quality imagery and videos of their products at work, the locations where they are in use or the end consumers who use them. If your business operates out of visually appealing locations, site photos provide a creative way to differentiate your account.

On the other hand, if your product’s end consumers see major benefits from the use of your products, a consumer feature can make a significant impact with your audience.

One of the best ways to relate to your audience is by periodically featuring your employees. Featuring real people humanizes your company and is a compelling way to boost content views and to showcase a quality company culture.

To keep your followers interested and away from the dreaded “unfollow” button, remember these tips:

  • Engage with your followers and follow others;
  • Make your posts meaningful;
  • Don’t post too often;
  • Keep content fresh to hold your followers’ attention.

TRINDGROUP’s team of social media experts works with our clients to strategically plan social media content that reflects their unique brands and targets their specific audiences. Get in touch to learn more.