Strategy vs. Tactics: One Can’t Work Without the Other

Tactics focus on what to do here and now. Strategy addresses a long-term vision, concentrating on where to go and how to get there. In the world of public relations and marketing, it can be tempting to forego strategy and skip directly to tactical action, but both elements are vital to accomplishing a goal. Take into account the following examples.

Let’s pretend you’re a sea captain. Strategy is like a compass. Your crew may have clear objectives in mind and an idea of what to do along the journey to success, but strategy guides the ship. Without a thoughtful strategy to lead your efforts, the hard work of your voyage is wasted energy. You may never make landfall.

Now let’s pretend you’re a director. Strategy is like a screenplay. While your cast members can deliver a flawless performance, the production will miss its mark without a cohesive strategy to support them. Strategy enables the director, the actors, the videographers, the costume designers and all the other crew members to work together to bring your story to life and connect with your audience.

Without tactical leaders, not much can be accomplished in the day-to-day grind. Tactical leaders keep us organized and productive, focusing on short-term accomplishments and checking off items on our to-do lists. Strategic leaders, on the other hand, aim their attention at the long-term, solving complex problems and visualizing the bigger picture. Without strategic leaders, a team lacks the unifying force that drives dedicated tactical work toward a common goal.

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