Congrats to TRINDGROUP Interns, Class of 2018!

TRINDGROUP's graduating interns, Zoe Hughes, left, and Emily Talka.

TRINDGROUP’s graduating interns, Zoe Hughes, left, and Emily Talka.

To celebrate our rock-star PR and marketing intern duo on their recent graduation, here’s a look at Emily Talka and Zoe Hughes’s internship experience at TRINDGROUP. Emily began her internship with TRINDGROUP in January 2017, and Zoe joined our team as an intern in August 2017. Throughout their time at TRINDGROUP, Emily and Zoe learned the ins and outs of what it means to work at a public relations agency with a focus on B2B clients.

Starting an internship comes with many unknowns, which can be scary at first. “I was intimidated when I started because I didn’t know anyone and wanted to do an excellent job,” said Emily about her first day at TRINDGROUP. The great thing about interning at TRINDGROUP is the hustle and bustle of the office – there are lots of opportunities to participate and share ideas!

One of Emily’s favorite projects at TRINDGROUP was assisting the public relations team in developing a collateral piece for a marine client, which won an Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Council of Alabama. But client projects weren’t the only aspect of her internship that Emily relished. “I genuinely liked working with everyone in the office and creating relationships with them, because everyone at TRINDGROUP is seriously great,” Emily said.

Of all the knowledge gained during her internship at TRINDGROUP, Zoe says the most important things she learned are how to properly conduct oneself in a variety of professional settings and never to be afraid to ask questions. “Always make time for an internship,” Zoe said. “Even if school and social activities are keeping you busy, an internship teaches more than you would learn in a classroom and will set your résumé apart.”

After spending more than a year working in TRINDGROUP’s fast-paced environment, Emily agrees. “While the material covered in class is super important and relevant to your career choice, it’s even better to get hands-on experience because you learn so much,” Emily said.

Post-graduation, Emily plans to move to a big city and pursue a career in public relations, and Zoe feels prepared for to take on whatever comes for her in Nashville, where she plans to pursue a career in entertainment PR.

Of course, TRINDGROUP interns have time for play, too. Emily and Zoe both enjoy hanging out with their dogs and cooking. The TRINDGROUP team may be diverse, but we are all animal lovers and foodies at heart!