Public Relations

Public relations is one of TRINDGROUP’s three founding specialties. PR can be a great way to reach your audiences, no matter the challenges your industry might present.
What is PR?

Public relations is a precautionary, strategic and remedial process that aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization or individual and its audiences. Predicting public opinion and trends is a part of public relations. Preventive measures are taken to ensure a reputation is not damaged. Active plans also need to be implemented to efficiently reach a target audience, promote a positive image and engage in new opportunities. However, if things do head south, then crisis management tactics are exercised to resolve the situation and bring the client back into a positive light.

What PR is Not

Public relations is not advertising. Advertising is paid media, while PR is earned media. This means exposure gained through PR methods is more credible to the public than a purchased advertisement. As always, an impartial, positive opinion is much more convincing than a biased one. Another difference is the shelf life of each practice. Companies are remembered for their integrity, not one creative advertisement.

PR Services Offered by TRINDGROUP
  • Messaging/Strategy Development
  • Media Relations
  • Product Launches
  • News Releases
  • Corporate Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blogger Engagement
  • Media Training

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