Connecting your business to business through industry-specific public relations, marketing and creative design. Learn more about the services our team provides:

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is visual storytelling with movement. As opposed to a static image, motion graphics use 2D and 3D illustrations and images to give momentum and life to your brand and are easy to share socially. Will your client better understand your product if they can look inside it or walk through the manufacturing process? Through motion graphics, TRINDGROUP can help your business explain complex product and service offerings or simply stand out against your competitors.

Web Design

TRINDGROUP specializes in attractive and highly functional website design. We design sites responsively so they look their best on phones, tablets and browser windows of all sizes. No matter your company’s goals, our team can create an innovative, inviting website with your end-users and conversion goals in mind.

Public Relations

Traditional public relations includes media tactics such as news release distribution, television and radio presence, collateral piece development and print publication coverage. Digital PR encompasses tactics such as social media strategy and integration, hashtag implementation, blogger engagement and management of your online presence.

Video Production

Branded video is an engaging form of brand storytelling, and the team at TRINDGROUP can help you complete all of the stages of production to effectively spread your message. Once we finalize a concept and create a storyboard, we conduct on-site filming followed by post-production edits and final delivery to give you an engaging video that leaves a lasting impression.


Your brand is a promise to your customer – it tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates you from competitors. We use all aspects of our industry-specific approach to help your brand develop into its full potential by creating visual, tangible and lasting messages that resonate with your audience.


As an industry-specific agency, TRINDGROUP takes an integrated approach to everything we do, including marketing. With experience in all types of content marketing, such as white papers, website creation, video, blogs and all types of advertising, TRINDGROUP develops marketing materials from strategy to implementation to ensure they reach your target audience, no matter the medium.


At TRINDGROUP, research and evaluation share equal importance with the implementation of your strategic public relations, marketing and design plan. We investigate your business and industry to make informed, results-driven recommendations designed to achieve your strategic public relations, marketing and design goals. Between quantitative and qualitative research methods, we examine your business from top to bottom, fully-integrating ourselves in your company to better advocate for your brand.

Messaging and strategy development begins with goal setting. TRINDGROUP can help you develop step-by-step strategies and carefully crafted messaging to accomplish your business's purposeful goals.
Media relations plays a significant role in successfully disseminating your message to your target audience. Media outlets help tell your company’s story and serve as influential information hubs for the public.
Rewarding product launches require strategic planning and execution not only to highlight how your company’s product better meets your audience’s needs, but more importantly, to craft this message in an understandable way.
TRINDGROUP can help you craft cohesive social messages to both your external and internal audiences that communicate specific information while aligning with your company’s mission and values.
Different campaigns call for unique strategies to reach their maximum potential. Setting campaign-specific goals and employing measurable tactics are key to campaign development and overall success. Our campaign development team can lead you through your project from start to finish.
Analytics affects all aspects of your business – from startup to sales. After more than 90 hours of training, our team members have earned their Google Analytics certifications.