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LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…you name it, we can take you there to reach your customers in a new and engaging way.

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and it can be a challenge to keep up. Although social media often falls lower on the marketing priority list for B2B organizations, there is a huge opportunity for these companies to make a splash with their target audiences who use social outlets to make buying decisions. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a consistent presence.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your social media presence, our team of social media specialists are experienced in developing strategy and content specifically for B2B operations. We use the latest tools and technology to keep social media content on-message and on-point with your target audience and their digital habits. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…you name it, we can take you there to reach your customers in a new and engaging way.

Social Media Strategy  

Don’t have a social media presence? No problem. The TRINDGROUP social media team will create pages on the outlets that best suit your company’s needs. If your social media pages are already up and running, TRINDGROUP will get started by conducting and audit and making recommendations.

Strategy comes first within social media marketing, and our team works with you to develop goals, measurement benchmarks and an overall strategy to guide content creation and delivery. 

Content Development 

The TRINDGROUP team writes social media content with strategy in mind. We work with your team to product timely and relevant content to best engage with your followers and target audience. Additionally, our design team can create eye-catching and interactive graphics and videos to take your social posts to the next level. 


Social media advertising is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce your brand to new audiences and boost engagement with your followers. The TRINDGROUP team evaluates your strategy and goals to determine how to most effectively use social media advertising across various platforms to make the biggest impact possible. 

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