Utilizing Motion Graphics to Demonstrate Intersection Safety

Intersections involve many moving pieces – cars, bicycles and pedestrians all following traffic lights, crosswalk signals and various traffic signs. Travelers in all modes of transportation encounter each other at intersections, which is why smart intersection interactions are fundamental to staying safe on the road.

As part of a city-wide transportation safety campaign, TRINDGROUP was tasked with finding a way to visually depict the most common intersection scenarios involving motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Clearly demonstrating the rules of the road without the potential distractions present on actual city streets was the client’s top priority.

Motion graphics was the answer. Motion graphics are a unique visual communication tool. As opposed to a static image, motion graphics use 2D and 3D illustrations and images to give momentum and life to a complex idea that would be difficult to present otherwise. Whereas video would have involved potentially closing streets, hiring actors and staging every moving part through the different intersection scenarios, motion graphics allowed our team to control the environment through custom animation to deliver the target messages.

Take a look at the #IntersectionInteractions brought to life in the motion graphics below: