Meet the TRINDGROUP Team: Peyton and Camille

Peyton and Camille, TRINDGROUP Spring 2019 Interns

This spring, we’re excited to add a new intern to the team as well as have a returning intern from the previous semester. At TRINDGROUP, our internship program focuses on offering as much hands-on experience as possible before entering the workforce, including work in marketing, public relations and website design. We love getting fresh ideas from our interns and putting what they learn in the classroom to good use!

Peyton Learned, Public Relations Intern

Auburn University; Major: Communication, with a minor in Leadership

Graduation: May 2019

What made you pick Communication to major in?

I picked my major because my dad works at an agency he started and he really loves what he does. I feel that communication is a major that will allow me to be in a work setting that is creative and fun and I want to love coming to work every day!

Communication has definitely taught me a lot about how I work and how to understand, appreciate, and work well with others as well.

How has it been coming to TRINDGROUP and integrating into agency life?

TRINDGROUP has been so welcoming! They have been so good at showing me the ropes of the business and giving me enough work to challenge myself but not be overwhelmed. I am excited to learn a lot from them this semester.

What do you hope to get out of an internship experience?

I hope to learn more about balancing different projects when working at an agency, improve my writing skills, and get practice with marketing in general.

If you could live and work anywhere after graduation, where would you go?

I am still thinking about where I want to live after graduation, I grew up around Washington, D.C. but I have grown to love Nashville and I want to explore more options in the United States so that is a question I have not answered myself yet!

What’s something you love to do outside of the office?

I love to read! When I have enough time sometimes I will read all day. I also love to stay active and workout as much as possible.


Camille Cooper, Public Relations Intern

Auburn University; Major: Public Relations, with a minor in Spanish

Graduation: May 2019

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from TRINDGROUP?

It’s hard for me to pick one lesson, but I would have to say I’ve learned how important it is in a team setting to stick with a task you’ve committed to and see a project through to the end. Everyone has a special task for a reason, and when the work gets hard or there’s a sticking point, it’s important to rely and lean on other team members. Not every task is easy, but having an open conversation with your team can make it significantly easier.

What are you most looking forward to about post-graduation life?

I’m most looking forward to discovering new cities to live in! While Auburn has been my home these past four years, I grew up moving around and I get a little restless after a while. TRINDGROUP has set me up with great experience, so I feel confident jumping into a new environment!

What is your best piece of advice to new and incoming interns or anyone looking for marketing experience?

While I think it’s important to have some prior knowledge in the respective field, whether it be from class or from another work experience, don’t feel like you have to know everything on day one! The point of an internship is to learn how to solve problems and apply previous knowledge in order to grow your skillsets. That could mean Googling until you find a solution or it could mean learning how to ask for help from coworkers. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask questions or respond with “I don’t know”, as long as you’re willing to figure out the answer!

How have you balanced a busy work and school schedule at the same time?

Failing to plan is planning to fail, especially with a constantly busy schedule! But taking a little time at the beginning of the week to write out what I have going on definitely helps – I can visually see what I need to accomplish and I pick out the most important tasks for the week to focus my attention on.