Making Moves with Reputation Management

Media monitoring used to be a painstaking process with inconsistent, and often faulty, data. The improvements of the digital landscape and the boom of social media have made media monitoring and reputation management significantly easier and more accurate over the past few years. Companies can now track their earned, owned, paid and shared media to see what consumers like and what needs adjusting. Media platforms are also now a two-way street where companies can quickly respond and repair when a bad review or crisis arises. Despite all these advancements in the field, only one-third of brands monitor audience conversations.

But at TRINDGROUP, we work with B2B companies to mix and match monitoring services to specifically target needs, such as:

  • media reports and recommendations
  • analytics and data reports
  • competitor monitoring
  • keyword auditing
  • relevant media list development

The amount of media to track and monitor can seem overwhelming, but the more data a company can collect the more accurate they can be with messaging and campaigns. Different audiences use different platforms and require different messages from the others, so it is important to track ALL platforms to ensure audiences are being reached and communicated with properly. Media monitoring is especially helpful in the B2B market where companies need to connect with other businesses and the audiences they reach. Not only will media monitoring help a company in the present with customer relations and crisis management, current data can be used to inform and structure future campaigns.  

Without media monitoring, it is almost impossible to manage a company’s reputation. News reporting is now a 24/7/365 days-a-year service, and ignoring the media could mean ignoring a crisis, complaint or miscommunication from your audiences. Timeliness is one of the most important factors of reputation management and consistent media monitoring allows a company to respond quickly to an irate customer and keep a client or catch the beginning of a crisis before it snowballs. Media monitoring and brand reputation work hand in hand to ensure a company is a part of the conversations concerning them and can catch any negative connotation before it expands. 

It can feel overwhelming jumping into media monitoring and reputation management, especially if you’ve struggled with managing them in the past or have no experience at all. That’s where TRINDGROUP’s team of dedicated experts can help. Our understanding of the importance of monitoring media platforms and managing reputation, and our regular practice in both, can help set your company up for success now and well into the future.