TRINDGROUP Celebrates International Women’s Day

TRINDGROUP is proud to be a woman-owned business that employs a primarily female staff. For International Women’s Day, we took a few minutes to discuss with our female team members what being a strong leader means to them, especially as we typically work with clients in industries that are predominantly male. Read some of their answers below:

Cassie Montgomery,
Senior Account Specialist

In her role, Cassie works directly with our clients to prepare monthly plans and execute their PR and marketing campaigns to achieve specific goals – she enjoys that no two work days are the same.

“I like to think I learned how to be a strong, working woman from my mom. She is a longshoreman at the Port of Los Angeles, a traditionally male field, and has shown that she can excel at her job just as well as, if not better than, her male colleagues,” says Cassie. “I think it’s important for women to be supported when they pursue their goals, no matter what those may be and no matter in which field their goals take them.”

Cassie believes it’s important to have confidence in your skills as a professional in your field and to project that confidence in all situations, but especially in interactions where you feel your skills may be judged or doubted because of your sex.

Kelli Hartsock,
Vice President of Operations

Kelli’s role is to lead the team from a high level across all areas of operations, project management and client services. She enjoys the variety of work and the continuous education of the ever-changing digital world as we help our clients be successful.

“Being a strong working woman means to lift up and build other strong women, love and be loved, be brave and continue to push yourself through the good times and the challenging times,” says Kelli. “Be skilled and good at your craft, realize your value and stand your ground. Being smart, hardworking, creative and determined isn’t reserved for either of the sexes.”

Camille Cooper,
PR Intern

Camille is a senior at Auburn University and is a PR intern at TRINDGROUP. She loves creating something out of nothing when it comes to messaging, and she enjoys the challenge of learning new skills and techniques in her daily work.

“To me, a strong woman isn’t afraid to tackle a task head-on but is humble enough to ask for help when she needs it,” says Camille. “My advice to other working women, especially those in a predominantly male field, is to act as if you belong, because you do. Showing up with an air of confidence (even if it feels fake at first) can help them believe in you just as much as you believe in yourself.”

Charissa Jones,
Business Development

In her Business Development role, Charissa enjoys meeting a variety of people and learning about the many industries our clients work in.

“A strong working woman understands her personal and business roles. You often hear people talk about balance, but I think it’s understanding what piece of the pie each role should fill at any given time and realize that it’s always changing,” says Charissa.

Charissa acknowledges some of the challenges working women can face. “Sometimes being nice and polite can be perceived as weakness. Being tactfully direct and saying no are two of the best ways to overcome this challenge,” she says.

When it comes to working with clients in predominantly male industries, she notes the importance of knowing that the people you want to do business with will treat you with respect, no matter what.

Peyton Learned,
PR Intern

Peyton is a PR Intern at TRINDGROUP, and she has been enjoying seeing growth of her writing skills and public relations knowledge during her internship.

“Being a strong, working woman has always been important to me,” says Peyton. “I believe having the skills needed to support yourself comes with great confidence. It is empowering to know your worth in every part of life and knowing you can work hard to achieve your goals is important for every woman.”

Peyton acknowledges it can be easy to fall into self-doubt in the working world. “To overcome this feeling, I make sure I am working just as hard, if not harder, than my peers. I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it because this allows me to improve and grow.”

Mary Catherine Ratliff,
Senior Account Specialist

As a Senior Account Specialist, Mary Catherine works with each of her clients to build strategic marketing and PR plans, then executes them to meet campaign goals and foster brand awareness and lead generation. She genuinely enjoys the people she works with, both at TRINDGROUP and on her client teams, and she loves seeing positive results and growth for her clients.

“It can be intimidating to work in fields that are predominantly male, but I know I am intelligent and eager to see success for my clients, which keeps me on my game,” says Mary Catherine. “Women in the working world must first accept themselves and be confident in their knowledge and capabilities – this brings about an inner strength and resolve that shines through in their work and professional relationships.”

Mary Catherine believes a strong working woman should be well-balanced and fulfilled by multiple outlets – work, faith, personal wellness and relationships are all extremely important and play a role in professional success.

You’ve gotten to know the ladies of TRINDGROUP, and we’d love to get to know you, too. If you’d like to learn more about our team and the marketing, PR and design services we offer, make sure to get in touch.