Congratulations to our 2019 Interns!

Pictured are TRINDGROUP's spring 2019 interns in their caps and gowns for graduation from Auburn University.

TRINDGROUP interns Camille Cooper and Peyton Learned, left and right respectively, are approaching graduation. While we will miss them, we are celebrating all their accomplishments they have had here at TRINDGROUP and are excited to send them off into their post-graduation adventures.

Balancing school work, the final semester of college and an internship can be difficult at times, but Camille and Peyton have shared their insight on how to make it all worthwhile.

“Communication is key,” says Camille. “If you’re struggling to balance everything or have a rough week, don’t be afraid to talk to your team about it.”

Camille has loved her experience at TRINDGROUP and plans to stay for a couple months after her internship is completed. She will be covering for Cassie, a senior account specialist who she worked with during her internship, while she is on maternity leave and will continue to learn more about the PR field through our agency. She says that her 20s will be a time that she moves around exploring new cities and job opportunities.

Peyton is currently job hunting and plans to make a move to either her hometown of Washington, D.C., Nashville or Atlanta. She wants to work for a marketing agency and is on the hunt for a creative environment much like TRINDGROUP.

When giving advice about how to work through a schedule that can be hectic, she says to make a list of tasks to be completed week by week and work through them by prioritizing urgency and importance.

“If you ever feel overwhelmed or that you need a break take a moment to work through the smaller, more tedious tasks on your list,” says Peyton. “This will help keep you from getting too stressed and will allow you to come back to your work with a clear mind.”

Working at TRINDGROUP has taught Camille and Peyton efficiency and time management skills. It is important to experience an internship that allows you to learn how you work best.

“I learned how to adapt quickly to different scenarios,” says Camille. “I also learned how to be flexible with my schedule.”

Peyton is most thankful for how TRINDGROUP enhanced her writing skills immensely, especially her AP style writing. She plans to use these skills in the future and now has a head start on the learning curve that comes from going into the PR field with a communication degree.

They will both miss the excitement of everything they had to learn when they first started as interns. It was a thrill to get those first blogs back with minimal edits, write their first news releases and then see them being utilized on client websites and social media. They have both loved the amount of real world experience TRINDGROUP has given them and the confidence it has provided them in their capabilities.

While we have Camille with us a little while longer, we will miss her and Peyton, are excited to see where life takes them and will continue to follow up on their future successes.