Social Media for B2B Marketing

It’s no secret that social media’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last decade, and most B2C companies have successfully integrated themselves into the online world. Even though 92 percent of B2B marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) use social media to distribute marketing content, the online world can still be hard for some businesses to navigate.

According to CMI, the top 5 platforms used by B2B marketers are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Each social media platform can be used for different aspects of B2B marketing.

As a business selling to other businesses, it is likely that your target audience is also present on LinkedIn. By posting articles related to new product launches or industry news, you can engage with those potential buyers. Businesses can also join groups on LinkedIn to make relevant connections with other companies and professionals.

Twitter is great for more than just casual conversation – it’s the perfect platform to use for news monitoring and participation. It’s common for brands to newsjack on Twitter when industry related or nationwide news breaks. Tying your company to current events and using relevant hashtags can increase your business’ impressions and engagements on Twitter. You can also increase engagement with your target audience through Twitter polls.

B2B companies can increase brand awareness by taking advantage of a Facebook business page as their digital storefront. With Facebook’s internal features, you can create ads for your target audience and reach more people with promotions and paid posts. Facebook is the perfect platform to connect people with your products or services while using Messenger for customer services strategies.

Brands can use YouTube to show consumers their product or service in action. Your business’ YouTube videos should be consistent, concise and creative. Just like other platforms, YouTube can be used to promote your other social media accounts and advertise your company to increase website traffic.

With Instagram’s many features, your company can interact with users and promote your own brand. B2B marketers should take advantage of tools like Instagram stories, live videos and reposting. You can also show consumers behind the scenes pictures from the office to humanize your B2B company.

B2B companies have great potential for success on social media platforms. If you’re interested in building a more interactive presence for your brand online, contact our team to see how our experienced specialists can help.