TRINDGROUP Interns Reflect on Summer in the Studio

Pictured are TRINDGROUP's summer interns, Charlotte and Erin.

As summer comes to an end, so do internships! This summer, TRINDGROUP hosted two interns from Auburn University – Charlotte Bedsole and Erin Kelly.

Charlotte and Erin are seniors in the public relations program at Auburn, and they were able to apply their classroom knowledge to their work at TRINDGROUP this summer. Both interns said “Multimedia Writing for PR” is the most beneficial course PR students at Auburn will take before their internship.

The interns brought fun, new ideas to the agency, especially on social media. Charlotte and Erin created an Instagram story series called “What’s TRINDing,” a weekly post sharing our employees’ “Top 5” – from Starbucks drinks to industry trends!

“Social media is so important for a PR agency, so we thought ‘What’s TRINDing’ would be great to connect with our followers,” said Erin. “Working on social media for clients and TRINDGROUP was a great experience.”

They also took advantage of National Donut Day falling on a workday and created a taste-test video with Team TRINDGROUP. Charlotte and Erin said this was one of their favorite projects because of the success it had on social media and the creative process of planning and filming.

In June, the interns were assigned a press release project where they were able to use their writing skills to create newsworthy pitches for clients.

“Working on press releases for clients was a great lesson in time management and traditional PR,” said Charlotte. “It really emphasized the importance of research and writing in public relations.”

From daily tasks to special assignments, Charlotte and Erin enjoyed a full agency experience.

Charlotte will be continuing her internship with TRINDGROUP this fall before graduating in December, but we will miss Erin and can’t wait to see where she succeeds in the future!