Holiday Marketing Tips

Now that December is here, Christmas shopping is in full swing for consumers and businesses. Holiday sales and advertisements can be a great way for companies to introduce their brand to a new market or wider audience. Whether you’re creating marketing materials for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and all of the holidays in between, follow these best practices for success.

Plan early

When should you start planning for holiday marketing? Well, it’s never too early to start. Business News Daily says you should plan all year long, especially for Christmas marketing. Even if your campaign only lasts a couple of months, planning ahead makes for a smooth and successful holiday season. Use your data and analytics from the previous year, and get to work as soon as possible!

Focus on mobile

Mobile marketing has helped e-commerce sales increase in the last few years. In 2018, holiday shoppers bought more on mobile than any other device. Even on shopping holidays like Black Friday when most people go to the actual storefront for the experience, digital shopping rates were high. Since consumers have easy access to your brand via social media, email and websites, it’s crucial that you optimize your marketing materials for mobile viewing.

Tap into nostalgia

If you’re not offering a product or sale during the holidays, your business should still incorporate seasonal content into your social media presence. says you can also design a campaign around the feeling of nostalgia during the holidays. Using black and white, vintage fonts and seasonal themes for your social media posts or landing page can remind your audience of their childhood memories from the holidays.

Continue past the holidays

Holiday marketing shouldn’t end the day after celebrations. With Christmas marketing, take advantage of New Year’s Day being right around the corner. New followers in the wide audience your campaign developed may forget about your brand if you disappear after the holidays. The point of holiday marketing is to establish new connections who will return during the off-season while maintaining current relationships, so interacting with both groups after the holidays is necessary for long-term success.