Top Six Services Requested By TRINDGROUP Clients

TRINDGROUP is an industry-focused public relations, marketing and creative design agency. Our mission is to build brands through innovative communication strategies customized to your industry and business goals. We work with companies to reach their goals of increasing sales and generating new leads by offering a plethora of services to our clients; these are the six that are requested the most.


Marketing: We work with your team to develop a plan that we can implement on your behalf or that your team can implement on its own. We do this by auditing your current efforts and defining your target audience. This bridges the gap for us to then expand your reach, develop and implement targeted campaigns (traditional and digital), engage in content strategy and determine what social channels reach your specific target audience.

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Public Relations

Public relations: Public Relations is about crafting messages that tell your story and the story of your products, employees, services and solutions. We leverage our relationships with industry publications, influencers and knowledge of tactical channels to ensure your company gets maximum exposure.

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Content Development

Content Development: Our team of content strategists, writers and designers develop content with your audience in mind. We strive to be industry experts, which allows us to conduct standard writing, technical writing and visual content that can answer all your customers’ questions while educating potential clients.

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Web Development and Rebrand

Website Development and Rebrand: A website goes beyond just content and photos. We help with market research, Search Engine Optimization, copywriting, design and more. Your website is a virtual handshake to your customer, and right now, a virtual handshake may be all you can give, which means you have to make it count.

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Social Media

Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, along with all the latest social media trends like TikTok- we can do it all! Whether you want organic or paid social media strategies, our team works to develop content, graphics, videos and other visuals catered to your unique industry and company.

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Branding: Proper brand development is essential to being remembered. This can be anything from a logo, colors, website, tagline, mission statement, elevator speech and your company’s tone of voice. We can develop and design all of this to make sure you are making the best first impression and keep your internal communications running smoothly.

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