Ghostwriting: The Secret to Strong Content Development

Do you have a technical article you are dreading to write? Are you struggling to find the words to write your next blog post? Do you always find yourself pushing writing to the back burner? If this is you, it might be time you looked into hiring a ghostwriter who specializes in content for your industry.

A ghostwriter is hired to write on behalf of another individual and does not receive any credit for the works they produced. Ghostwriting can be an excellent tool for you and your business to develop the content your company needs in order to build brand awareness and educate your audience.

Your company’s executives are busy and have schedules that are packed daily. However, developing messaging and content is a necessity in many cases and does not need to be left unfinished or poorly done. 

Is Ghostwriting Plagiarism?

No! When you hire a ghostwriter, you are not stealing content. Professional ghostwriters are just doing their job to help your company be successful. Ghostwriting is a common practice across all industries, and you should not worry about letting the professionals handle the writing on your behalf. From technical articles, to blogs, white papers and case studies, content generated for you is a necessity and requires your approval, but not necessarily your exact words. 

Many people know that politicians hire speech writers to help them articulate their thoughts and craft compelling and memorable words. The same concept can be applied to help busy people just like you develop your next case study or LinkedIn article.

Why Should I Hire a Ghostwriter?

There are countless benefits to hiring a professional writer to help create content for your company. Here are just a few of the reasons our clients come to us for their ghostwriting needs.

  1. I Need to Save Time – We get it! Writing can take up a big chunk of your time. Ghostwriting is a great way for your company’s executives, engineering teams and sales team to save time while not compromising on quality. You do not need to waste your time drafting articles and spending even more time editing again and again. Your time is valuable and should be spent on things only you can do to help your company succeed.
  2. I Need Help Understanding My Audience – A skilled writer knows what your audience is looking for. A ghostwriter can take your dense technical content and simplify your words so a broader audience can understand it. Additionally, ghostwriters can help you do the reverse and transform your simple bullet points into a detailed case study with information that industry specialists need to know. 
  3. I Am Not a Professional Writer – That’s fine because we are the professionals! We know you have strengths in many areas outside of drafting posts and articles. We will help you make sure the information you are putting out to your clients, potential customers and employees is top-notch.

If you have any articles, blogs or features that you have been putting off, our content writing team would love to help you get it done. Our team of professionals have industry expertise, years of writing experience and dedication to understanding your company’s place within the industry. From making sure your article is written to the public relations strategy of getting your content the placement it deserves, TRINDGROUP will handle it all.