Intern Highlight: Meet Camille

Intern Highlight: Meet Camille

As summer 2022 kicks off, we are thrilled to welcome our newest intern, Camille Labatut, to the TRINDGROUP team. Camille will be joining us as our first ever graduate research intern. Her background in political science and data collection will be a valuable asset to both our team and our clients.

Camille hails from New Roads, Louisiana, a small lake town outside of Baton Rouge. She graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and is currently earning her Master of Arts in Communication at Auburn University. Additionally, Camille serves as a graduate teaching assistant and is expected to complete graduate school in August 2022.


Camille was drawn to TRINDGROUP because she recognized a unique learning opportunity to supplement her policy-based background and future in communication. “I want to gain real world experience and understand communication in a practical sense, beyond the theoretical,” Camille explained. She hopes to be able to apply her time at TRINDGROUP in her future career endeavors.

Candid Camille

Outside of the office, Camille enjoys painting her nails, her morning coffee and spending time with her cats, Opal and Delphi. The twin shorthairs having matching heterochromia, prompting Camille to start an Instagram account dedicated to recording their time together. The account allows her to practice her social media and PR skills in a fun, creative manner. As the designated coffee accessory supplier for the agency, Camille enjoys her light roast with oat milk creamer and two servings of raw sugar cane, and of course, a coffee stirrer.

We are eager to see how Camille refines her skills and contributes to the TRINDGROUP team this summer!

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