Welcome to the Team, Camille!

Welcome to the Team, Camille!

Here at TRINDGROUP, we have a determined and hardworking team whose goal is to grow together and individually. We are excited to welcome Camille Labatut to the TRINDGROUP team where she will serve as our resident researcher.

“At TRINDGROUP we really value one another’s contributions and I’m proud to have such incredible coworkers by my side. We all have different roles, but together we make one fantastic team which I am excited to be a part of,” Camille says.

This past summer, Camille joined as TRINDGROUP’s graduate research intern where she went above and beyond obtaining specialized data essential for client growth and business development. In August 2022, Camille graduated from Auburn University with a M.A. in Communication and has transitioned from TRINDGROUP’s graduate intern to resident researcher.

Camille explained, “My internship with TRINDGROUP gave me greater insight into our various clients providing me with the knowledge needed as I transition into my new position.”

As the inaugural graduate research intern, Camille cultivated considerable time-management skills and further advanced her research skills and tactics. As a researcher, Camille will have greater flexibility working on specialized projects, analyzing and synthesizing client data and generating data by finding leads and contacting sources directly.

Originally from New Roads, Louisiana, Camille enjoys her morning coffee and spending time with her twin shorthair cats, Opal and Delphi. In addition to serving as TRINDGROUP’s researcher, Camille is also an instructor at Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism.

Welcome to TRINDGROUP, Camille! We are excited to have Camille join our team and utilize her skills.

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