Intern Highlight: Welcoming Our Newest Member Avery Welch

Intern Highlight: Welcoming Our Newest Member Avery Welch

TRINDGROUP has recently welcomed Avery Welch, the newest Public Relations and Marketing intern. Avery has completed her second year at Auburn University and is pursuing a degree in journalism with a minor in technical writing and professional communication.

A former resident of the Lone Star State, Avery moved just under a year prior to her senior year of high school from McKinney, Texas to nearby Birmingham, Alabama. This placed her mere hours away from the only school Avery applied to, Auburn University.

Avery’s drive to learn, gain experience and work hard helped lead her to TRINDGROUP. “I was initially captivated by the welcoming and lively work environment and quickly grew to appreciate the people of this organization as both co-workers and mentors. I was always allured by the thought of completing more challenging and technical work, and I’m thrilled to get started and learn new things here at TRINDGROUP,” said Avery.

At TRINDGROUP, Avery will be responsible for writing blogs, curating social media posts, performing market research, attending client meetings and much more.

In her free time, Avery enjoys her longtime hobbies of staying active, singing and songwriting, and writing for her own personal blog. “Writing is something that I have always been extremely passionate about and is something that I’ve known I wanted to do professionally for a while,” Avery continued, “Being a technical writing minor has opened my eyes to a whole new side of professional writing that I am extremely excited to dive into in this internship.”

With her passion and skills in writing, eagerness to learn and ambitious attitude, we are excited to welcome Avery Welch to the TRINDGROUP team.

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