TRINDGROUP Celebrates 15th Anniversary

TRINDGROUP Celebrates 15th Anniversary

15 years of industry-focused public relations, marketing and creative design

Auburn, Ala. (October 19, 2023) TRINDGROUP is delighted to announce its 15th anniversary of partnering with businesses across the industrial field. For 15 years TRINDGROUP has been trusted to enhance client communication and messaging channels through public relations, content creation, digital marketing, creative design and production.

In 2008, Jessie King and Kevin Smith founded TRINDGROUP originally as a creative boutique agency with the vision of helping local businesses in their area achieve their own business goals. By working in several different industries over the years, the company recognized its passion to excel in industrial market segments. In 2016 TRINDGROUP transitioned to an industrial-focused agency.

As a public relations, marketing and creative design agency, TRINDGROUP’s expertise is in the B2B industrial and manufacturing sphere. The agency works with small, medium and large businesses in marine, water/wastewater, aquaculture, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas and more. TRINDGROUP recognizes the strong connectivity among its client industry segments and views it as an opportunity to enhance agency knowledge of industrial markets to serve clients more efficiently.

“The growth that TRINDGROUP has experienced over the past 15 years is truly something special. Our team does a phenomenal job collaborating with our clients to contribute to client successes. The TRINDGROUP team is a wonderful collection of expertise, unique personalities and most importantly colleagues who enjoy working with each other. That is what I am proud of the most,” said Jessie King, TRINDGROUP Co-Founder.

The agency’s name TRINDGROUP is made up of three components: “TRI,” “IND,” and “GROUP.”

“TRI” represents the agency’s three areas of focus in public relations, marketing and design, the “IND” represents the industrial focus and “GROUP” represents the team dedicated to their clients. TRINDGROUP’s team of experts are communication and visual strategists highly skilled in public relations, strategic marketing, graphic design, brand development, website design and more.

In honor of the agency’s 15th anniversary, TRINDGROUP has chosen to work with the Auburn Student Veterans Association (ASVA) in its fundraising efforts.

The non-profit organization serves as a beacon for military veterans transitioning into academic life at Auburn University. ASVA’s main mission is to bridge the gap between military service and the pursuit of higher education. Each fall, the Auburn Student Veterans Association and the Campus Veterans Association (CVA) at the University of Alabama host Operation Iron Ruck to raise awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic. TRINDGROUP is contributing its public relations, marketing and design expertise to help elevate this event and support the veteran population that serves a vital role for their team personally and the veteran workforces of TRINDGROUP clients.

For TRINDGROUP, the most exciting part of their milestone anniversary is having the opportunity to give back to their community by investing in the success of ASVA. To celebrate 15 years of TRINDGROUP, the agency wanted to make an impact in their community by finding a philanthropy they were passionate about. They knew their team’s skillset would be of value to a community partner in need of public relations, marketing or design. Ironically, one afternoon ASVA knocked on TRINDGROUP’s door, literally. The veteran workforce is significant to the success of many TRINDGROUP clients. Being able to support a local veteran organization and support its initiatives is a wonderful combination for TRINDGROUP.

TRINDGROUP has committed to drive forward ASVA’s passion for working with veterans by offering their services and resources to strengthen Operation Iron Ruck this November. Curtis Pippin, Program Coordinator for the Auburn University Veterans Resource Center, notes the influence from TRINDGROUP’s partnership with ASVA and Operation Iron Ruck.

“TRINDGROUP’s collaboration with the Auburn Student Veterans Association goes beyond mere professional assistance. It’s a genuine contribution to our community and mission. Their expert guidance has been pivotal in enhancing the impact of Operation Iron Ruck and the causes close to the hearts of veterans. TRINDGROUP’s support is more than technical; it’s emotional and deeply appreciated, solidifying their role as true champions for veterans in our community,” Pippin says.



TRINDGROUP is a marketing, public relations and design agency with a focus on B2B industrial and manufacturing clients. The agency focuses on clients in wastewater, oil and gas, marine, engineering, agriculture and other industries. TRINDGROUP’s team of experts are communication and visual strategists that offer services including website design, social media management, media relations, brand development and management, motion graphic creation and more. TRINDGROUP is headquartered in Auburn, Ala. and serves a wide range of clients across the Southeast and across the country. Visit to learn more or follow TRINDGROUP on Instagram @trindgroup, Facebook @TrindGroup, LinkedIn @TRINDGROUP,  X @TRINDGROUP and YouTube @trindgroup.

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