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For Mobile, Ala.-based OxyShark, developing an effective and efficient wastewater treatment system was never the issue. Rather, the problem was in promoting such a system to a targeted audience. Wastewater, while important in everyday life, is by no means a consistent hot topic of discussion or something that the public necessarily focuses on during an average day. What’s more, wastewater is complex, and even the most basic wastewater treatment systems are constructed with intricate designs and innovative technology. In short, wastewater can feel overwhelming.

But, what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if someone could make wastewater treatment more than just understandable, but even interesting and exciting? That’s exactly what TRINDGROUP sought to do with OxyShark.
Branding & Standards Guide
Website Development


Branding and Website

It began with new branding and a website redesign – a lengthy one. OxyShark, though it simplifies wastewater treatment, is by no means a simple product. Its advanced technology and construction is state-of-the-art, and its website needed to reflect that sense of cutting-edge. As an agency focused on B2B and industrial products, we had to be as well versed in OxyShark’s technology as any engineer, a task that was both exciting and challenging. After meticulous hours of writing, editing and designing, OxyShark’s new website was complete with a new look, vibrant designs and clear, understandable copy.

Strategic Plan & SEO

While it looked great on the outside, the OxyShark website was also developed to be just as impressive on the inside. With a comprehensive and strategic plan for developing keywords and tags to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and drive new visitors to the website, the TRINDGOUP web team went to work to make sure OxyShark rose in the search engine ranks. Additionally, our certified analytics team built custom dashboards within Google Analytics in order to make sure all visitors and activities taking place on the OxyShark site would be trackable and available for further analysis.

Social Media

Also within the digital realm, the TRINDGROUP social media team took to Facebook and LinkedIn to connect OxyShark with its target audiences on each platform. Through a strategic social media plan, well-crafted posts and recommended opportunities for advertising, OxyShark started to join in various social conversations within the wastewater industry. Making connections and developing credibility as an industry expert, not simply a new product, were key in this ongoing social media effort

3D & Motion Graphics

To take the project to the next level and to fully explain how the OxyShark system works, our creative team developed cutting-edge motion graphics to show OxyShark in action. The best way to explain how an intricate system works is by visually depicting its process and features, and through the use of motion graphics, any website visitor or potential customer can clearly understand how OxyShark operates. Beyond motion graphics, we gave the units a lifelike appearance by creating new graphics in leading 3D visual software to deliver the most impact.

Print Design

Additionally, TRINDGROUP designed print collateral for use within the sales process, at tradeshows and during individual client communications. Rebranding a client’s online in image is important, but placing compelling material in the hands of potential customers is just as effective. These printed pieces were designed with customers in mind, and include the key selling points of the OxyShark system in an easy-to-read and visually appealing format.

Public Relations

Because OxyShark is an innovative product within an extremely technical industry, our team of talented writers never have a shortage of content to craft. When the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the United States scored poorly on wastewater infrastructure – much to OxyShark's expectation. The TRINDGROUP writing team went to work researching the findings and relating them to OxyShark's innovative wastewater solutions, which resulted in the development of a detailed, high-level white paper that was pitched to various industry publications and organizations. With positive feedback about the paper and overall topic, the TRINDGROUP team was able to secure interest in story development as well as speaking opportunities for OxyShark.


By reinventing and reintroducing the OxyShark brand to its target audiences, TRINDGROUP transformed OxyShark into a more compelling and simplified product. As with many industrial products, the difficulty of sales and marketing is often traced back to effectively communicating its value to consumers. By fully immersing ourselves into the OxyShark product, the details of its system and what sets it apart from competitors, TRINDGROUP built a robust online presence and client-facing image for OxyShark, which in effect gained the product traction in the vast and ever-changing market of wastewater treatment.

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