April 2020

B2B COVID-19 Communication Recovery Plan. Does Your Business Have One?
As we move into a business recovery stage of the COVID-19 crisis, states are struggling with the when and how to reopen and the landscape for many in B2B industries looks much different.  I’ve found most B2B companies fall into...
Using Transparency, Grace and Humanity to Relay Your Message
There are so many ways to communicate in today’s world that it can feel like there are actually TOO many ways to communicate. Does anyone else ever get the feeling that WUPFH from “The Office” is a real thing?! In...
I Don’t Know About You but Here’s to Hoping April Showers Bring May Flowers
March didn’t start out like any other month. My trade shows began to cancel and I started wondering what would happen if many more of the trade shows on my list postponed? Would I seek out different shows with spring...